In the digital age, living part of your life online isn’t just a convenience — it’s practically a necessity. We find our apartments on Facebook, scroll through potential dates on Tinder, and apply for job interviews on Linkedin. Day-to-day life is more convenient, searchable, and organized than ever before. However, this scroll-and-swipe ease comes at a cost: our trust. 

Online life is convenient, but participating in it comes with an associated degree of risk. The harsh truth is that just about anyone with a few photos and an imagination can make a fake social or online dating profile. Even if the people you connect with are real, there is no guarantee that everything you see in their well-formatted social media profiles is everything there is to see. Scammers can put on an Instagrammable smile just as effectively as anyone else, after all. 

At MyLife, we understand precisely how difficult navigating the space between the digital and real worlds can be. That’s why we provide well-supported Reputation Profiles and scores for nearly every American. Our goal is to make it safer for you to work, play, or even just meet people online — so no one can hide behind lies. 

To that end, we aggregate all of the public information that you need to understand who a person is in one, easy-to-access place. Our complete Reputation Profiles and Reputation Scores take into account publicly-available but often hard-to-find documents such as criminal and civil court records, income reports, property records, work history, and personal reviews. It’s like a credit score, but for a person’s character; it will help you determine whether the person you met on that date, or on that social platform, is a worthy candidate for your time. 

Of course, these benefits aren’t one-sided. If you aren’t mindful about maintaining your digital reputation and improving your image online, you might find yourself missing out on friendships, business partnerships, or even jobs. 

Think we’re overstating matters? Think again. 

According to a 2014 survey from Edelman Insights, a whopping 65 percent of people view an online search as their most trusted source of information about both individuals and businesses. Analysts for Moz, a provider of marketing analytics software for SEO, estimate that companies risk missing out on as much as 22 percent of their business when potential consumers find a single negative article on the first page of their search results. If they see three or more headlines, that potential for loss soars to 59.2 percent.

These numbers become even more remarkable when you consider how employers use them. One survey conducted by the recruiting company ExecuNet found that 77% of participating employers use search engines such as Google to learn about candidates in addition to background reports — and 35% reported rejecting a candidate based on the information they found online. 

Don’t panic; MyLife is here to help. Our firm is well-versed in the do’s and don’ts of improving and protecting your online reputation, and we can help you put your best digital foot forward when someone types your name into the search bar. MyLife Reputation Profiles appear in over 300 million online searches every month, making them one of the most accessible, viewed, and trusted sites in the ORM industry. 

Don’t let digital tricksters lead you astray. Take control of your online reputation and identify potential bad actors by checking out MyLife’s top-notch services today!