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We help people monitor and control their personal and private information online, all in one place.

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Our Heritage

MyLife was founded in 2002 with the mission of helping people find and connect with others and manage the information they choose to share with the world. With that as the cornerstone, Mr. Tinsley built on the talents and technology he assembled to improve the lives of every American by helping them to protect and enhance their Background Report and Reputations with the goal of helping them get ahead and enriches their lives.

Who We Are

Though we have titles like programmer, engineer, designer, marketer, intelligence analyst or customer service representative – these don’t completely define us. At our core, we’re a company of passionate innovators, collaborators, daydreamers and doers who embrace new challenges. Instead of answering a question with “no,” we prefer “we’ll try.” We don’t come to work just to face that day’s tasks but to forge ahead, inventing, providing invaluable services that people will use to build a better tomorrow.

Core Values & How We Work

We believe in collaboration and respect. We know relationships matter. We are open minded, agile and embrace evolution. Driven by success, not ego; we come to work every day to serve our members and our community.


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