What We Can All Learn From the ‘Safer Internet Day’ Campaign

With an alarming 80,000 cyberattacks occurring each day, we can count on at least 30 million incidents by the end of 2021. Internet safety is no joke, especially as our world becomes more digitized and interconnected with every passing day. You should never merely accept the fact that we are vulnerable any time you open [...]

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COVID-19: Why Online Dating Is Changing for Good (And for the Better)

Even a global pandemic can't stop hopeful lovers from looking for their soulmates online. While a majority of social activity changed during these unprecedented times, so did the landscape of dating, especially in regards to online dating. Rather than give up on romantic prospects, many singles have simply adapted, opting to increase their use of [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About the ‘World-First Adult Cyber Abuse Scheme’

Social media was created to keep friends and family in touch by breaking the barriers of both distance and busy life schedules, and while various platforms have made it possible to do just that, the outcomes are not always so sweet. Before long, the pleasantries and lovely photographs had turned into hateful comments and vulgar [...]

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New Year, New Safety Features: How Online Dating Apps Are Getting Safer

At the onset of every year, we set resolutions for ourselves. Eating better, losing weight, and getting back into the gym are typically the most common, but some people's goals include spending less, donating more money to charity, and finally getting serious about finding 'the one'. But individuals aren't the only ones to plan their [...]

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Identify and Avoid These Coronavirus Scams

The global pandemic has not only compromised the health of millions of people worldwide, it's also given cybercriminals an opportunity to wreak financial havoc on vulnerable individuals. Since the creation of the internet, online scams have — and always will be — an issue, but these risks increase tenfold during times of uncertainty. When the [...]

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Raising the Standards: What People Should Expect from Online Dating Platforms

One man changed dating forever when he created the first online dating website in 1994. No one uses this platform anymore, but they do still use the online dating site that came onto the scene just one year later: Match.com. Maybe you've heard of it? Of course you have — over 15 million lovesick singles [...]

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